Supply Chain Security (ISO 28001)


Karza provides strategic and project delivery support to organisations planning, implementing, evolving and performance monitoring Supply Chain Security Management Systems (SCSMS).  

We assist organisations utilising the ISO28001 - Security management systems for the supply chain standard to better establish adequate levels of security within those parts of their international supply chain which they control.

Our services include helping organisations establish and implement:

  • A concise statement of supply chain security coverage;

  • A documented supply chain security assessment which identifies the vulnerabilities of your supply chain to defined potential security threat scenarios (including the expected supply chain impacts).

  • A documented supply chain security plan which clearly identifies and describes mitigation measures to reduce your identified security threat scenario risk levels.

  • Supply chain security policies and processes tailored to your business needs and your supply chain security risks.

  • A supply chain security training programme which clearly outlines how personnel will be trained to meet their assigned supply chain security related duties.

  • An independent and objective supply chain security auditing programme designed to add value, reduce potential security risks and improve your organisation's supply chain operations.


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